If I have 11 tabs open, it’s time to write a blog post…

American Libraries Direct, it’s all your fault.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

But I have some links open that I can’t close until I put them somewhere important. This blog is the closest place to that, right now.

And yes, I’m in Gainesville, I’ll blog about that at some point.

First up: A hidden medieval archive surfaces. Since I’m working with actual really old books right now, this just warms my heart. I mean, can you imagine being the person that finds this stuff? And lucky us, that we get to read about it, dream about holding it in our hands!

From DASH (Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard), a report on the Future of Special Collections. Again, since every day for a couple of hours (more next week, I need a weekend to decompress first) I am entering the Special Collections at the University of Florida, this stuff is near and dear to my heart. My heart BROKE when Pitt closed the Elizabeth Nesbitt room last summer.

Okay, this one is from Facebook. My dad worked down the hall from Mark Lijeck when they both worked at the American Embassy in Warsaw in the early 90s. So you can believe that when Argo came to the theaters I was there in a New York minute. Nope. I had NO CLUE that Argo was about a de-classified CIA story that featured someone I knew. I was at the theater in a New York minute because I am a huge fan of movies. This link (Q&A With ‘The Real Argo’ Houseguests, Cora and Mark Lijek)  features the real story (not the dramatized version from Hollywood, the one that won an Oscar, thankkyouverymuch.)

Well, more to come, I promise.


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