I still didn’t get eaten by zombies…

Wow, the last post for this blog is from November, of 2010. And the reference in the title is a post I wrote in 2009 before going to ALA in Chicago.

Since then, big things have happened!! Such as…I got published! My first piece is in a column called Balance Point in Serials Review, a journal for Serials Librarians. I wrote about children’s magazines, where they are and where they are going in this digital environment. I was thrilled to learn that magazines are still read and subscribed to, though they aren’t used in the same ways as when I was a girl. Information for papers is found online, either through databases, or just search engines. A far cry from The Readers to Periodical Literature, which I used in high school, college, and possibly into library school. Serials Review is hosted online by Elsivier, which is mostly used by academic libraries. I have yet to put my hot hands on a copy of the actual journal, but the editor of the column sent me a PDF of the article, which I immediately sent off to my parents. (Of course they loved it.)

AND, I’ll be presenting at PALA (the Pennsylvania Library Association) in the fall, using research from my article and more. I’ve expanded the subject matter to magazines for all ages. The presentation is called, “Not Dead Yet: Print Magazines in the Digital Era.”

The sunny side of all this magazine research (not that there was a cloudy side) is that wow, who knew, I am in love with magazines, and they are a viable thing to research in a library context.

Right now, I’m surviving the first week of Summer Reading. It’s crazy busy one minute, slow the next, and then people show up at the reference desk in clumps. We generally get around 2,000 kids signed up to our program each summer, so it’s all hands on deck, which often means two people at the Children’s Reference desk, plus a teen volunteer.

Other excitement:

  • My new favorite blog is Anita Silvey’s Book a Day Almanac.
  • I’m doing research (in my ha! spare time) on Virginia Kirkus, who not only started the Kirkus Reviews but also was Harper Collins’ first Children’s editor, from 1926 to 1932, back when the company was Harper & Bros. She also was the first editor to publish Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book Little House in the Big Woods. (Not the first editor to accept the manuscript, but that’s a story for another day.)

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