Written after my morning (glory) walk…

While I moaned last Sunday about having lost two hours and six dollars when I was done watching “Morning Glory,” the latest movie starring Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford, and Rachel McAdams, there was one moment that was worth that expense.

It was the moment after Harrison Ford says, “you’ll know when to go live.” Ford’s character, a has-been news anchor turned reluctant breakfast television host, lured Rachel’s character upstate to the governor’s summer house on false pretenses (a sauerkraut festival? really? but we bought it, hook, line and sinker.) Back in the studio, you see the earnest weather man scrambling, carrying multiple weathervanes, preparing to do the story he’s pitched every day for a week, everyone scrambling to find some story, any story, to cover the gaping hole that was meant for a feature on the sauerkraut festival and then you see the story unfold at the governor’s summer house, majestically… (no, I’m not one of THOSE reviewers. You will have to go see the movie for this one majestic moment, or I’ll tell you in person if you are not a moviegoer. Put it on your Netflix queue, or go pay six dollars. Because even if the script paid too much attention to Rachel’s romantic foibles and not enough on the main relationship, the one between Rachel and Harrison, the acting in this movie was superb.)

I was reminded of this moment in the movie on my morning walk, because I walk past the Pittsburgh Seminary, which has a weather vane atop its clock tower. I don’t suppose it’s an actual working weather vane, but it is the kind of tower jewelery you see on a church building, either a cross or a rooster. And the reason a clock tower would have a rooster for its top? Because Jesus said to Peter, “Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, That this night, before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.” (Matthew 26:34, KJV)

Indulge me for a minute, while I go down this unrelated stream of thoughts: why did I use the King James Version, with its dusty, archaic language? I’m so glad you asked! It is one of the few English versions that is in public domain, that is to say, there are no copyright violations for using it in a creative piece. (Although I used such a small piece that if I had quoted the New International Version, I would not be in copyright violation, but you’re indulging me, remember?)  I also used it because it is the version that uses the word cock in such a way that you might not giggle at it. As I started writing this piece, I was going to use the word cock where I put rooster, but in my mind Samantha Jones was giggling. Does everything come back to Sex and the City, in the end?

But back to the movie. Harrison Ford, ever the curmudgeon who goes a little soft, never disappoints. When I emailed her about this movie, one of my friends referred to a Christine Lavin song, which I haven’t heard. (What a treat to discover on YouTube, eh?) I don’t have time for it now, as I must run off to ready for work.

Moral: if you think about a movie five days after you saw it, it was worth the six dollars and fifty cents and the two hours.

[Author’s note: it has been ages since I have wanted my walk to end just so I could get home, fire up the laptop, and write. Huzzah!]


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