A library camel? That twitters? YES!

So…where to begin?

Well, our library has a camel. Her name is Rama. We have very creative staff members that decorate her monthly with seasonal themes. (Not sure when that started, but now it’s a really fun thing that a lot of us look forward to.)

Last month, I was at a Children’s District Meeting (which was essentially a Christmas party) and afterwards, I had coffee with two librarians. We were talking about Twitter (one of my favorite subjects…) and one of them suggested that the camel should have a Twitter account. Hmmm…

I ran it by a few people, and announced that I’d be the voice of Rama, starting in January. Well, it’s January, and today was the first day that I could devote some semi-uninterrupted time to creating an account. I spent some time researching and gave myself a deadline of 2 p.m. to create the account.

So, without further ado, here she is, Rama, the twittering camel!

Some great* accounts I found while researching:

Finksburg Library in Carroll County, MD

Grand Rapids Public Library in Grand Rapids Public Library

Topeka Public Library (is this David Lee King’s library? Yes, yes it is!)

Some great articles I found:

Twittering Libraries (created by an LIS student, highlights some great twittering libraries along with pros and cons for starting twitter.

The ALA Annual Tweet Report by Michael Stephens, of Tame the Web. It’s from the ALA that was in California, so not like “annual” as in, this will be updated annually, but annual as to a report about the Annual Conference. Really attests to the fact that librarians have just sunk their teeth into Twitter.

Lindy Brown’s list of Libraries on Twitter (with strike-throughs for libraries no longer twittering.)

The Twitter page at the Library Success Wiki.

Update on Friday (started this post Wednesday): I am now following 132 tweeps, mostly Pittsburgh related organizations, and have made lots of lists of resources, and have 17 followers, YAY!


*great is always subjective. The question I asked was, “does this twitter feed have a personality?” Since I’m blogging from the mouth of a camel, I’m looking for a particular “voice.” So lists of the new books, while a great service to patrons, was not what I was looking for today.


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