a pretty incomplete post on why Children’s Librarians might want to tweet

(or,  children’s writers and librarians on Twitter.)


A librarian on Twitter, @eclasper, is trying to talk to children’s librarians about Twitter. Well, I’m a children’s librarian on Twitter, and I have to say, come on down. At least try it for a few weeks.

So I created this post as a go to for her (and you, dear reader) to see who is on Twitter in the kidlit world. I’m just getting over (not completely there) the flu, so if I leave something out, forgive me. Also, there is not going to be a lot of text, this is going to be link-heavy.

Mitali Perkins (@mitaliperkins)  is a great ambassador for Twitter. She rocks. Here is her post  Getting Started on Twitter for Children’s Authors.  I think it will work for children’s librarians too.

Here’s Mitali’s list of YA authors on Twitter. (Yes, this post is going to rely very heavily on this gem of a woman.) Somewhere there is a list of Children’s author’s, but I can’t seem to find it.

You might want to check out JacketFlap, which seems to be a portal for social networking with children’s authors online.

This is where you’ll see that I’m getting over the flu and this post becomes a list:
@interactiver: (Jackie Parker) a YA librarian in Seattle who actually (wow) doesn’t like all the books she reviews. How refreshing. Seriously. I’m too nice to do that. I admire Jackie, and love her tweets.

@kdueykduey (Kathleen Duey) who is a children’s author, actually writing a book via Twitter.

@sarazarr (Sara Zarr) YA author of Story of a Girl, Sweethearts, and brand new book, Once was Lost.

@tashrow (Tasha Saecker) who is amazing. Library director, kidlit blogger, reviewer–she is a great resource!!

Twitter for Librarians by College at Home.

Oh here’s that elusive list of children’s authors on Twitter. Thanks to the Fauquier County Public Library.

I have left out soooo many people. Hopefully they will complain in the comments. I think it’s time for my next dose of Dayquil.


One response to “a pretty incomplete post on why Children’s Librarians might want to tweet

  1. Thanks!!! What a huge help to me!!!

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