“It is 10 years since our children left” (Hamelin Town records, 1384)*

The most bizarre catalog record change I have had to make in a long time.  Let me start from the very beginning (a very good place to start)…Our director brought me two copies of the Scholastic Junior Classics book, The Pied Piper. The letters on the spine were SHU, which was odd, since the book states, “Retold from Robert Browning by Ellen Miles.” I go into the record and the 100 MARC field (statement of responsibility, or the author, for most books) is for Nevil Shute. And his dates (1899-1960) let me know that he’s not a precurser to Browning. So…. I Google good old Nevil. Turns out he wrote a NOVEL called The Pied Piper, in 1942. So somewhere, someone thought he authored this book too. Crazy.

I just had a conversation with a patron who was, “Oh, I’m sorry to disturb you again,” and I told her, I live for your questions. As Dewey, the librarian in Unshelved, pleads, PLEASE ask me questions. I remember a few years ago something going around via email, that most people like things to be found. Librarians like to find things. So, another thing found. And as a cataloger, another thing fixed.


*from Hamelin Town Records, in an essay by Shiela Harty called Pied Piper Revisited, published in: David Bridges, Terence H. McLaughlin, editors Education And The Market Place Page 89, Routledge, 1994 (from Wikipedia article.)


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