I didn’t get eaten by zombies…

…but I have been blogging a lot less due to my almost dead home computer and busy busy busy life. In less than 20 hours I’ll be in Chicago, trying to make my way to either the Hilton or the Hyatt to get registered for the ALA Annual Conference. (For you non-library types, ALA stands for the American Library Association. This conference brings together all kinds of librarians, from public librarians, school librarians, law librarians…and lots and lots of authors. I for one, am hoping to meet Kate Messner, who will be there promoting her new book, The brilliant fall of Brianna Z. She and I have been tweeting and emailing about our trips to Chi-town.

Twitter is another reason I have been blogging less…I have a quasi community there, and since I have sort of lost my blog community through different circumstances and changing times…

Anyways, the hashtag (#) for ALA is #ALA2009. Which someone discovered is also the url for a fishing convention in Indiana…

I have no idea if I’ll have time to blog whilst I’m in Chicago. If not, hopefully I will return to da Burgh with renewed zeal and write wonderful posts about all the sessions I attended, all the virtual friends that are now IRL (in real life) friends…but one caveat…my laptop, which was to be delivered on Bastille Day (Tuesday) is delayed and we don’t know for how long. ARGH.

Meanwhile, I have discovered another fun kid lit blog, appropriately named, kidlit.com. The biggest word on the word cloud is Young Adult. But the second biggest is zombies. Which pulled me in, since I really know very little about zombies and can’t imagine that there really are that many kids books on the topic. How wrong could I have been.

Anyways, welcome to my tiny blog, hope you poke around. And stay tuned for many interesting stories about Chicago, librarians, and well, not so much, zombies.

(As I read this post, I see it is disjointed and pedestrian. But since my last post is from MARCH, I figure now is not the time to be a perfectionist.)

See you in Chicago!!


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