Well, they’re not really a trilogy…

So I’ve been “reading” in my car. There’s that whole argument, “is listening to an audio book the same as reading a book?” and while I mostly think YES!, it still is weird to say, “I’m reading this audio book.”

Anyways, the first book of this cycle was Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, Outliers.  It is amazing. Two of its big thoughts: you need ten years (or 10,000 hours) to master something, and mentors are crucial. There’s a lot more, of course, so go find a copy, it will blow your mind. The next book I read was our President’s first book, Dreams from my father. Our President is, for intents and purposes, an orphan. Both his parents are dead, his stepfather is dead, his grandparents who raised him are dead…but his book reveals incredible extended family and relationships that nurtured him and encouraged him. It was amazing to listen to Dreams from my father right after listening to Outliers, the two books seemed like a set, one being the theory proving the practice of the next. Like you would buy them in a set on Amazon.com, “Buy this with this.”

So when I dug through the detritus that is my apartment and finally found the two audio books that had been missing for months, I found Next by Michael Lewis. I renewed it for the umpteenth time, and am now listening to it, and it is like the third book in a trilogy: now we are no longer talking about ten years for mastery, or mentors, but how the Internet speeds up everything, and how if you live in “purgatory,” the Internet becomes a place where you can re-invent yourself, much like the Brad Paisley song Online, or the New Yorker cartoon, where the one dog says to the other, “on the internet, no one knows you’re a dog.”

What books have you read recently that got you thinking?

Have you ever read a book that was not a “natural” sequel, but thought, wow, that book really matches this one?


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