fascinating things that are described by DDC #s

Gastronomy, for instance, is 641.013, which is the enjoyment of food. The book: The United States of arugula : the sun dried, cold pressed, dark roasted, extra virgin story of the American food revolution by David Kamp.

152.47, is anger, “including frustration.” The book: Creative anger: putting that powerful emotion to good use, by Rhoda Baruch, Edith Grotberg, and Suzanne Stutman. Hmmm. I come from a family that doesn’t express anger much…

758.3 is painting, of animals, including hunting scenes. The book: An African experience: wildlife art and adventure in Kenya by Simon Combes.

And now am spending significant time locating authorities for authors. Don’t ask. I promise to be more interesting next time, Internets.


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