How I’m keeping up with ALA, here in da ‘Burgh

So Twitter is amazing. All the librarians that I’m following are tweeting about the ALA (American Library Association) conference, in Anaheim, CA from notes on sessions to getting tickets to the drama of getting tix to the scholarship bash. Also, just got a tweet that there’s a new post on the PLA blog.

It’s like being at the conference without having to fly across the country, get a shuttle from the airport…but if I hear that Anaheim is you know, the BEST place for a conference, I can go in 2012.

But I’m really excited for next year–CHICAGO! I went a few years ago and even though you had to go to multitudes of hotels for the meetings, it was wonderful because, well, Chicago is gorgeous. It’s too West for me to consider living there (my family are all East Coasters, Pittsburgh is even a little too west for them) but I LOVE visiting.

I love conferences, but they wear me out. I generally have to decompress for a week afterwards, so I only go to one/year, if that. (Which is why I adore that PLA is only every two years.)

So if I’m not off at the conference, what am I doing? Well, yesterday, I took a Baker and Taylor minimal record in OCLC from a elvl “3” (minimal) to a level “I.” My boss gave me a few tips, but I basically built the record, adding a 300, some subject headings, the 082…for a non-natural cataloger, I was beaming that I did so much on my own!!

This afternoon I’m answering children’s reference questions. Oh, and I made a bug. I’ll post the picture later.

Have fun in Anaheim! And keep tweeting!


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