Books that other people loved…

So I’m warming up to the day, reading email and catching up with what’s going on in the world when somehow I saw this older post by Shelftalker, one of my favorite PW blogs. This particular post is on “what book did everyone else love, but you didn’t?” It is so gratifying.

In other news, it will be DDC numbas, checking imports, and then an afternoon “seminar” at one of my boss’s house to learn about the future of cataloging. She will ply us with sandwiches and such…


2 responses to “Books that other people loved…

  1. For me, that book was “Eat Pray Love”, definitely. Didn’t do it for me. Although some of the descriptions of Italy were quite nice.

  2. Oh, and “Wicked”! Just yuck! I slogged through the whole thing, waiting for it to get better. Bleh. Okay, that is all. (Now I’m virtually guaranteed to go on thinking about this for the rest of the day and will probably come up with a dozen more…lol!)

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