more on DDC numbas…sports n’at

So the only sport I really watch is hockey. I don’t understand it, but I can watch it, and I know when to yell (usually). So tonight when I had three sports related books, wikipedia came to the rescue.

The Greatest Game: the Yankees, the Red Sox, and the playoff of ’78. Nowhere in the book (at first glance) do the words “World Series” appear, but I gleaned that the playoff of ’78 was in October. That sounded like World Series, and YES! So baseball is 796.357. Add your 64 for semi and pro ball, and a 6 for World Series games: your new number is 796.357646.

Are you thrilled yet? Wait, there’s more! A book on the birth of the modern NFL: The best game ever, about the Giants vs. Colts in 1958–well, is that the Super Bowl? No, the Superbowl didn’t start until 1967.

The other book was Ty and the Babe, which is about their rivalry in baseball and GOLF! Who knew? I didn’t. Since it’s a biographical book about TWO people, it gets a 0922, so you get your 796.35764 for semi and pro ball and then your 0922 for two or more persons.

I’m enjoying Tim Russert’s second book (because it came across my desk from another library first) The Wisdom of our fathers. It’s good, but not a book that made me want to sit forever reading. There are some books for a half hour lunch and some books for a three hour lunch. This was the former. Yesterday’s book, Love the one you’re with, Emily Giffen’s latest novel, was a 3 hour lunch and up until close to midnight to finish.

Off to continue checking numbas…


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