Don’t eat this before you kiss me…

First off, there is no “free globe inside.” And what does 30% more Asia mean? It’s the ONION: Our Dumb World Atlas of the Planet Earth. It is so…well, you have to read it. Go get you a copy. All the chapter headings are extremely funny and so non-PC. If I was still dating my ex, I’d check it out of the library for him right now–it’s maps, which he loves, and the Onion, which is his sense of humor. Okay, here’s one that’s fairly innocuous: “Czech Republic: where people go to say they’ve been.”

Go get a copy at your nearest library or book purveyor. It will make you laugh.

Then I have some fun stuff that I need to figure out if the numbers are accurate: The Big Sort, Fathers and sons and sports, and Havana Nocturne. Ah yes, books about Cuba and the Mob. That’s how I want to spend my time, oh look, time to go sit the desk in Childrens!!


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