Cartier…tiaras and brooches…

Chronicle books is one of my favorite publishers. Of the top of my head I can’t remember why, but that’s what the Internet is for…Well, they have a GREAT blog, will add that to the roll…

And this book, Ticket Stub Diary, which would justify me keeping ticket stubs from 1997 (which I’ve been throwing away in my recent purge.)

So when I picked up (from the bottom of my pile, I can’t face a book about China that has 7 digits past the decimal in the DDC) the grey coffee table book, with the one word title, Cartier, I just sank in.

(Now, I realize I just wrote a post on one word titles, but if you’re Cartier, you’re exempt.)

The book has pictures of queens wearing tiaras, crowns, Elizabeth Taylor wearing necklaces…if I didn’t have a ton of children’s audio waiting for me to check and/or bring into the catalog, I’d spend the rest of the day just poring over the pictures…


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