drooling over a catalog…am I a librarian or what?

So I’m finally returning The OCLC‘s report on Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World. This post was going to be about cool things in the book, like the comparative timeline in the back, but somehow I got sidelined…on the small paragraph that described the AADL as a library catalog that social networks.  I clicked over, and well, this is the post that ensued. So this post is all about the Ann Arbor District Library catalog…drool…

The Ann Arbor library lets patrons tag items in their catalog! Plus other cool stuff, like…

Example: Book on manners: Rules of the Wild. You can click on a link in their catalog and get a “card catalog image,” to which you can add notes.

Example: Sound recording: The Muppet show [sound recording] : the 25th anniversary collection. This item is tagged: cd, muppets, tv theme songs, muppet show. I found it because the tag “muppet show” was one of the 10 most recent tags. At the bottom of the record, “Amazon style,” there’s a list of “Users who checked out this item also checked out these library items.” Wow. I want this catalog. I am green with catalog envy.

They have an audio blog, where they talk about music and audio books and Ooooh, they have music from the Chenille Sisters…whom I dearly love but recordings are very hard to find (well, in PIttsburgh–they are from Michigan).

They have a new CD page, which includes the date added to the collection. I found it by going from the blog to their CD browsing page, which has CDs arranged by genre.

A books blog, a video blog…and their site can be translated into Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian. Wow

Somehow I’m not surprised they have no current openings…for librarians. Maybe for a patron? That lives in Pittsburgh? No? Well, I’ll drool a little and maybe add their blogs to my reading list.  


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