if it’s Friday, it’s time for some bizarre “coffee table” books…

Wonders of the World: Natural and Man-Made Majesties: The book is peppered with tidbits about the wonders, for instance, did you know that the Statue of Liberty was modeled after Bartholdi’s mother? If no juicy tidbit is available, cute-ish drawings depict something that might happen at the locale: “A caravan at rest near the Khazneh, on the spice road” (for the Royal Tombs of Petra in Jordan). The front flap encourages the reader to “Get inspired by the wonders of the world!”

American Sports, 1970: or, How we spent the war in Vietnam: a photographs of American sports, taken in 1970. I don’t so get the Vietnam connection, but maybe being born in 1971 has something to do with it.

Here’s one I’ll pass right on: Venomous Animals of the World. Yikes. The dust jacket reads: “The first book of its kind on this fascinating subject, [this book] is illustrated throughtout with stunning color photographs.” Yes, stunning photographs that I never need look at again.

One response to “if it’s Friday, it’s time for some bizarre “coffee table” books…

  1. Suzi Wackerbarth

    Oh, and fyi, the DDC for Venomous animals is “harmful animals.” Um, yeah, that would be harmful…

    oh, and there’s a Dewey number for art containing school buses. Go figure!

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