fun books found while checking DDC

Going Dutch in Beijing : how to behave properly when far away from home by Mark McCrum: apparently giving someone the finger is impolite everywhere. Thumbs up is rude in Iran (it means “sit on it.”)

Richard Renaldi : figure and ground (photographs) I love the cover shot, of a woman holding a rose, a water bottle peeking out of her “New York” purse.

Art of the knife / Joe Kertzman Not a book I would have ever even looked at had it not come across my desk. But beautiful–who knew? And a little DDC trivia–739.72 is for “edged weapons,” but interdisciplinary works on knives go under 621.432. The text on the back cracks me up: “Page after page, Art of the Knife delivers!” “It’s a parade of pearl, ivory, mammoth tooth, damascus, silver wire, exotic wood, diamonds, rubies and more. It will definitately be a conversation piece when displayed on your coffee table…” I don’t have a coffee table, but if I did, I’m not sure what it would say about me if “Art of the Knife” was taking up prime coffee table real estate…but, if your library has this, take a look, the knives are AMAZING.


5 responses to “fun books found while checking DDC

  1. I’ll be sure to keep the ‘edged weapons’ number in my mind. : )

  2. Suzi Wackerbarth

    I know! I love the verbiage DDC uses…and thanks for commenting!!

  3. Bizarrely enough, on Wednesday I had a patron looking for a book that sounds quite a bit like the first one you describe. Is that one highly illustrated?

    And things to ponder… does a tongue count as an “edged weapon” when wielded by the right person?

  4. Suzi Wackerbarth

    Yes, there are a lot of pencil drawings of hand signals and what they mean in different cultures. Do you want to put a hold on it?

  5. I really like your header. 🙂 My coffee table knife displays may have to wait until my son leaves home…lol!

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