all was quiet…

I know at some point I’m going to run out of “quiet” related post titles, and that will probably be a GOOD thing, but for now…

So…I’ve been doing a “post every day” challenge on my other blog, hence I have been ignoring this one.

It’s April and boy oh boy, summer is upon us! Most of our Summer Reading programming is already mapped out. I need to brush up on the Evanced software, as I will be doing most of the Admin functions for our library this summer. This will be our second summer using Evanced as our summer reading software, but our library’s fifth year using online registration/programming.

My mom is doing a program on Monarch butterflies at our library in August and we’re offering it to a few neighboring libraries in a two day window. There will be many emails sent by me that read like this: “No, that time won’t work, how about this time?,” or “I’m sorry, there are no more time slots available.” My boss says it’s good training for management.

I added a new link to my “librarian” links on the blogroll: The FISH Bits, a blog written by our Scholastic representative, Brad Fish. His tagline is “thoughts and ideas on creating great school and public libraries.” So far it looks wonderful.

Books I’ve read and loved in the past week (or so): YA fiction: Sweethearts by Sara Zarr (I wept and wept at the end…); YA non-fiction: Body Drama by Nancy Redd (a let-it-all-hang-out health guide for the adolescent girl, with photographs);  Juv fiction: A crooked kind of perfect by Linda Urban (oh, this is such a great book–it lifted my heart.) Here’s a question: do you call it Juv or J Fic or Children’s? I was giving a tour to some Boy Scouts about a month ago and he asked me what the J stood for. When I said Juvenile, he said, that’s the bad kids (as in juvenile delinquents, which is a connotation that had not occurred to me.)

Oh, and today I voted online in the ALA elections. A little bizarre to do that the day after the Pennsylvania primaries. I’m a poll worker, so I was at the polls yesterday from 6:45 a.m. to 8:45ish p.m. I’m not a real political person, (although I can get swept up in it) so I figure working the polls is one way that I can be involved.

Well, I have some emailing to do before I leave, so until next time…


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