stomping and tiptoeing on a Saturday morn…

So this morning I read about how to get around the WSJ’s fee “curtain” at the librarian in black, read all the comments, emailed it to my father, who gets his morning coffee at Panera because they have the WSJ as their morning paper. (He used to go to Starbux, but he can get the NYT online already.) As I forwarded the article, I wondered what fiscal chaos I was putting upon Panera…

Then I found out why so many of Jen Weiner’s books feature lawyers: her hubbie is one. His article about democracy and campaign finance which is also really about net-neutrality is wonderful, talking about how the Internet levels the playing field, which is something I didn’t mention yesterday when I moaned about the digi-divide. (And while we’re on the topic of yesterday’s post, let me say that the point of the FABULOUS Web 2.0 workshop I attended was “look, cool stuff! Use it.” So they weren’t wrong to not talk about the digi-divide, but I wish that someone at PLA had planned a session that talked about it.)

My cell phone alarm keeps letting me know I’ve “slept” past my getting up time. It’s so much easier, though, than a clock radio, as I have limited electrical outlets in my garret apartment.

The opening line to Bonin’s article (that’s Jen’s man) pulls you in: “While the outcome of the primaries and the presidential election is still uncertain, one clear victor in the 2008 presidential campaign is the Internet.” It’s a good read. Not as good as Certain Girls will be, once I get my hands on a copy, but pretty good for a guy.

This post, which has an interview with a Swedish blog, is why I love Jen.

Well, I should get off to starting my day. More on PLA to come, I’m sure. If all great writing is re-writing, then this blog will probably never be my best work…but it’s good to have a place to play, to experiment, to communicate.

Saturdays are when I go beyond my usual “checking Dewey numbers” to actual problems that have been on my desk all week. Off I go.


2 responses to “stomping and tiptoeing on a Saturday morn…

  1. That’s good news about the WSJ–I can only hope more news sources will open their content to the non-paying masses and find a more net-savvy way of pulling in profits. It’s been so interesting to watch the evolution and integration of print and online media. We’re still finding our way, aren’t we?

  2. Suzi Wackerbarth

    Still finding our way–that sounds like the name of an article or book about this whole web thing. I read something this morning about science publishers and how the science community will say, well, that’s wrong, or this is the right way, according to “study X,” but that if you or I (the non-paying public) wants to find the study, forget it!

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