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So I’m just transcribing my notes here…I know this is not the way to “brand my blog” but that will come in time. Right now, I have a deadline and fuzz in my brain, and so transcribe I will…

The first session I attended at PLA was the only one I absolutely HAD to attend. I mean, as a librarian who sings with six month olds, I couldn’t not atttend something called Clap! Shake! Play! Sing! Creating musical storytimes to encourage emergent literacy.

I seriously am considering getting the $99 set of PLA audios…

Okay, pop quiz, no looking: what are the six standards of early literacy skills?

  1. Print Motivation (she chews on books instead of her stuffed bear)
  2. Vocabulary (her first words are moo laa laa and good night moon)
  3. Print Awareness (she knows which is the first page, she holds the book right side up.)
  4. Letter awareness. (When you ask her “What letter is that?” she responds “It’s a L!”)
  5. Narrative skills (She can tell a story)
  6. Phonological Skills.

Here’s an early literacy link from the Hennepin County library (that’s Minnesota, where I was for PLA!

The two librarians (from California, their names HERE) do the musical storytimes in between their normal storytime sessions (So if they do six weeks of normal storytimes and take a 3 week break, in that three week break they’ll do the musical storytimes, as it takes man (or woman) power to hand out instruments, play with puppets, etc.

Their storytimes have two parts:

  1. Books, Action Rhymes
  2. Distribute shakers, bells, handdrums

They did a bunch of books. I’ll list those later. Or maybe I’ll just link my post from the PLA blog…

On with the next. Oh, it is so hard to look at notes from over two weeks ago…

So I’ll go back to the Web 2.0 session. Because I can’t get excited writing about disconnected youth right now.  Forgive me if I write in fragments…

Web 2.0 isn’t really a technological phenomenon; it’s a social one enabled by technology (Jen Manay)

Jen had an amazing power point. I’ve never seen someone be such a part of their powerpoint–usually you can take either the person or the powerpoint and you’ll get all the info. But the way she did hers, you needed both–she was actively participating in the technology. She’d say, will everyone love this? and she’d flip the slide: “Maybe.” It was like the powerpoint was the punchline.

She talked about how individual Web 2.0 is: no one can make the decision for you. You have to try stuff and see if it works, see if people buy into it, if you get participants, traffic. If not, stop it! If your blog is lonely, do something else, because “lonely is bad.” She talked about an online poetry forum her library tried for Nat’l Poetry month–it bombed. They had three people!

My notes are such a sad substitute…

quote from Steve Abrams “Web 2.0 cannot be explained in abstract.”

We need to design for uncertainty, experiment, play.

If you’re going to have an “emerging technologies team” you need self-proclaimed luddites on board–these are the people that will ask all the so-what questions before you in all your enthusiasm say “this is it!” and then bomb. Talk back and forth. Because you can’t do it all.

The main thing (and I know, I’m preaching to the choir) is that it’s not going away. Ignoring it will not make it go away.

At Pima County, they found that web 2.0 stuff worked better when it was tied to a library program.

2.0 = moving toward a conversation.

Okay, I think I might try to do some non-PLA-notes related work.


2 responses to “more on PLA…

  1. I went to the Singing one too – SO good – I do lots of songs already, but they had some great new stuff. NOW I am coveting the drums!!!

  2. Suzi Wackerbarth

    How sad that we missed each other!!

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