pretty quiet…

Apparently the “blog early and often” bug hasn’t hit me for this blog yet. I have lots to write about:

PLA and all that I learned

learning about formatting on this blog and why hitting return just gave me a doublespace

I have blogger block. It’s true. I have another blog, that I started about three years ago, wherein I have a made-up name and don’t write about library stuff very often. And over there, I pretty much just write something and hit post! But this is my “professional” blog and all of a sudden, I am super-shy. And therefore quiet.

More later. I promise.


One response to “pretty quiet…

  1. I am so familiar with blogger’s block (and sometimes it IS due to the fact that the really great story I have to share might embarrass someone in my real life who actually reads my blog.)

    Thanks for the link to the other side of your life; I will be tuning in both early and often. 🙂

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