title: not so quiet

I think this one is going to stick. Especially since it’s very descriptive of me: I have a loud laugh, and am often told at work to talk in a more sotto voice. And I wasn’t able to right away find a blog with the same name. Maybe I should check technorati…nope, I think we have a winner!


Last night whilst brushing my teeth I came up with Shush, but of course that was taken a long time ago.

As a cataloger (and as a reference librarian), I am very aware of the pitfalls of authors that have the same name or books that have the same title. Yesterday I sent a girl into the stacks looking for a book called Ghost Dog which was a series book, when the one she was looking for was something else. Thank goodness for the 520 (summary) line. (Her book featured a pug.)

In checking for titles, I found the YouTube for Bjork’s “It’s so quiet.” Enjoy.


2 responses to “title: not so quiet

  1. I remember that before I started my blog I really wanted Librarian Without Borders, but it was already taken. It is hard to get a good name. I hope you like the one you now have.

    I see you will also be one of the PLABlog team. Welcome. Maybe we’ll meet sometime.

  2. Suzi Wackerbarth


    Thanks for visiting! It would be fun to meet you at PLA–maybe we should try to set up a meeting for the bloggers…

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